What are the organizational goals? What are our values and behaviors that we’re proud of? What is our ambition with regards to our culture? What are our cultural challenges to tackle to reach success? The answers to these questions provide insight into your organizational culture and make it unique and powerful. Nurturing and further growing these values and behaviors turn them into your competitive advantage. 

Based on research in your organization we define the answers to the above questions. Step by step, with an agile approach and by involving your employees, we grow your strong and healthy culture.

Powerfull Organization Culture

A strength-oriented organization is aimed at continuously developing potential. It provides a basis for higher involvement and personal growth of employees. When you get the best out of your employees, they get the best out of your company. Organizations with a strengths-oriented organizational culture are successful because:

  • Up to 18% improvement in performance and productivity
  • Up to 10% improved customer focus
  • Up to 73% less turnover of people
  • Up to 23% more engagement

People who get the chance to use their talents and strengths

  • are six times more likely to be involved at work
  • are six times more likely to agree that they have the opportunity every day to do what they do best
  • three times more likely to say their quality of life is high


The main challenge of a successful culture journey is to consider and redefine the identity, vision and purpose of the organization. The more employees recognize themselves in this and can commit to it, the more involved employees are. Engaged employees are those who work with passion and feel strongly connected to their organization. They stimulate innovation and move the organization forward. We believe this is a journey you should take together: ideally you can hear everyone's voice. 

This culture journey starts with discovering the qualities and strengths of your organization and creating a strong foundation: what makes your organization unique and what is the current and future success of the organization based on? Awareness and interpretation of the unique strengths of the organization is the start of the culture journey. In the next step we go deeper and discover the themes that live in the organization. We reflect on what binds employees together and which unique mix of core values de organisatiecultuur leidt en welk concreet gedrag hierbij wel en niet hoort. We maken heldere afspraken en leren de kernwaarden te gebruiken als toetssteen voor onze activiteiten en ons onderling verhouden.

At the tipping point we make a choice: what are we going for and what are we letting go? Here we determine which purpose or 'leitmotiv' serves the organization and which does not: what would the outside world miss if the organization were not there and what does this mean for the employees? What do we want to contribute to with every step you take as a collective? An unambiguous answer to this question forms the raison d'être of the organization and an important yardstick for employees to connect with and see themselves in. 

In the last step, we focus on the concrete goals that your organization wants to pursue as an employer, contractor, healthy organization and as a social partner. We hereby invite you to leave the comfort zone and formulate a healthy mix of 'moonshot' goals that will set the organization in motion. This set of core qualities, core values, purpose and goals forms the foundation on which every successful organization bases its strategy and regularly reviews it. Connecting around these questions, discovering the different perspectives that exist and explicitly indicating what it is or is not for your organization makes the culture trip a valuable exercise in community formation, identity and direction. Looking back, both the journey itself and the ultimate destination are of immeasurable value for the success of the organization for the customer, employee, owner and society.


On the basis of co-creation , we develop your cultural journey together based on the needs that arise. An important consideration here is to create as much support as possible and to guarantee involvement in the questions that arise and the ultimate answers that are formulated. The practical challenges associated with this can be met in various ways. We do our utmost to conduct a broad dialogue and gather sufficient perspectives, while a diverse design team keeps a grip on the progress and ultimate interpretation of the vision. This with the aim that the culture is and remains supported. 

The culture trip consists of both one-on-one interviews with stakeholders and various group sessions. During these sessions we unburden, guide and advice . Together with you, we determine the duration and intensity of the project and we look at how best to translate the vision into daily practice.