In creating an environment in which people can flourish, leadership plays a vital role. We guide organizations in developing Connective Leadership.

We believe that this form of leadership is the catalyst for an environment in which people can flourish, because you increase the connection on four levels: the connection with yourself, the other, the team and the environment. In doing so, we start from everyone’s unique strengths.


Strong leadership starts with strong personal leadership. Connected leaders are first and foremost in connection with themselves. In addition they are connected to the other, the team and their surroundings. We design our programs according to these principles.

Connecting with yourself means understanding, embracing and displaying who you are at the core and acting accordingly. Beyond the layers of behaviour, attitude, identity and values, we jointly search for the core of your being. Only from there you can relate yourself authentically to the other, meet each other without judgment, create a common language and thus realize connection and cooperation in the organization.

Collaboration requires (psychological) safety and trustThis springs from truly getting to know each others strengths, pitfalls, values and ambitions. We create opportunities to facilitate this. A combination of offsites and online inspiration. A hybrid approach, just like the world asks us to lead these days.

Your greatest (and perhaps only real) influence as a leader on building a strong and successful culture is your personal leadership and the exemplary behavior that results from this. Your impact can be huge if the company's mission and values ​​align with your own. We support and coach leaders on how to be their best selves and by flourishing themselves, allowing their environment to flourish.

Ultimately, leaders develop themselves, by walking their own path. This journey can be captured in the age-old and universal process of 'the journey of the hero'. We guide individuals and teams through the four phases of this journey, each with unique components and challenges, by providing just the 'right' amount of guidance and challenge.


Based on co-creation, we develop your leadership journey together based on the needs that exist within your organization. This will always take place from our philosophy about 'Connecting Leadership' and the 'Journey of the Hero', in which the strengths-oriented approach is central. The leadership journey consists of both one-on-one coaching sessions and team sessions. During these sessions we coach , facilitate the sessions and provide advice. Together with you, we determine the duration and intensity of the project.