LeasePlan Digital prepared to face ‘what’s next’

LeasePlan Digital prepared to face ‘what’s next.’


With the motto “What’s next,” LeasePlan is focussing on the future. Leading in this futuristic drive is LeasePlan Digital. An entity within the LeasePlan group that experienced dynamic and eruptive growth both in size and importance for the entire LeasePlan Group. LeasePlan digital is at the very heart of a this transformation. And its rapid growth, and relatively short existence meant that the LeasePlan Digital company culture was still developing.

Defining the company culture

Under the guidance of Remco Buil, the leading YourConnector Employer branding specialist in this partnership, LPD decided what steps needed to be taken to face the above-mentioned challenges.

“First things first. We discussed with LeasePlan Digital that in order to attract talent, you must have a very clear definition of what the company culture is. A strong culture that is recognisable, to all involved, will also help to create a sense of unity and community. This will of course have a strong effect on retaining existing talent. Furthermore, you want to attract talent, that is a good fit for the company’s culture. Finally, you want individuals to display characteristics and behavior that are in line with your company’s core values.”

Applying methods such as Design thinking, creative workshops, and in-depth interviews the partnership with LeasePlan Digital has resulted in:

    • Insights in the LeasePlan Digital Culture & DNA felt in all layers of the organization,
    • The creation of core values,
    • The birth of an attractive Employer Story as the start of a strong & sustainable employer brand.

We have created the foundation for the organization to build the image as one of the most exciting and upcoming tech companies in the Netherlands. And the creation of an attractive employer story and core values were set with the following feedback. “I think a fantastic piece of work – at “word level” touching the right nuance, which can be the real difference.” (Michel Alsemgeest, CEO LeasePlan Digital)

To wrap up, Remco Buil has a final comment on what were the results of the partnership resulted. “Our method resulted in tangible outcomes, such as mentioned above. In addition, we reached a level of enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility of the LeasePlan Digital people that were involved in this partnership. The strength of our way of working is that we define the company’s culture and DNA both bottom-up as well as top-down; it’s the people from all layers in an organization that define the culture.”

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