We build your employer brand with your unique employer story. We design tailormade employer branding campaigns (online & offline) to attract the best talent to your organization. We measure, we test, and we succeed to make your future talents apply.


The scarcity of the current job market requires a strong and sustainable online employer branding strategy. We build your employer brand by sharing your story with the right target groups on relevant online channels. We enhance your visibility as an employer by campaigning and targeting your personas. We inform both passive as active job seekers about what it’s like to work within your company and share your employer brand. So when an interesting job opportunity opens up – they apply!


People will have an impression of your organisation from the very first second they get in touch with your organisation. It is, therefore, essential to have a smooth candidate experience to stand out as a potential employer. With our expertise in guiding the best talent to a wide range of different organisations, we help you to create an amazing candidate journey, to make your future colleagues fans of your company even before they start. After all, you only have one chance in making a good first impression.


What is the online behavior of your future talent? Where online can you reach them? And how can you convince them to join your company? Our marketing and communication specialists will give you insights into the online behavior of the persona’s you need to attract in your organisation.


A strategic approach with a clear idea on how to attract the best talent for your organisation is what we aiming for. Based on specified persona profiles we design, with you, a content strategic around your employer brand that will appeal to the persona’s your organisation needs to grow.


Our marketing and communication specialists help you reach the right talent with the right tone voice. Based on your wishes and our expertise in employer branding we design a tailor-made campaign with online and offline employer branding and job marketing elements that will appeal to both you as a company as well as the talent you aim to attract.

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