In creating an environment in which people can flourish, leadership plays a vital role. We guide organizations in developing Connective Leadership.

We believe that this form of leadership is the catalyst for an environment in which people can flourish, because you increase the connection on four levels: the connection with yourself, the other, the team and the environment. In doing so, we start from everyone’s unique strengths.

About this service

Did you know that 70% of employee engagement is directly influenced by the manager? The success of your organization therefore stands or falls with strong leadership. Using Gallup’s Strength-oriented methodology, we guide teams in developing strength-oriented leadership. We believe that the motivation for people to change is many times higher from strengths than from problems.



Strong leadership starts with strong personal leadership. Connected leaders are first and foremost in connection with themselves. In addition they are connected to the other, the team and their surroundings. We design our programs according to these principles.


Connection with yourself means understanding who you are on all logical levels, and acting accordingly. Only then can you manifest that leadership in connection and collaboration with others. 

Collaboration requires (psychological) safety and trust. This springs from truly getting to know each other, their  strengths, pitfalls, values and ambitions. We create opportunities to facilitate this. A combination of offsites and online inspiration. A hybrid approach, just like the world asks us to lead these days.


Your greatest (maybe only real) influence as a leader on building a strong and successful culture is showing the example behavior you want everyone to follow. So, your impact can be huge when the company mission and values align with yours. We support and coach leaders on how to give their best in order to best help their surroundings and be successful.

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