About us

Meet our energetic, passionate, and curious team. Your strategic partners in becoming the best employer of the future.

01. We team-up

Together we work towards shared goals. We connect and we energize.  

02. We move

Working towards continuous improvement is in our DNA. We question the status quo. It’s the future that drives us.

03. We Amaze

We aspire to exceed expectations by operating on the cutting edge. We listen to you and we always surprise.

04. We are

We value uniqueness. We believe that everyone and every company has a story. Let’s bring out yours.

Our Team

Aleid Haenen

Co-Founder & COO

Success starts with your people. Create happy employees and your customers will follow!

Nicole Solleveld

Founder & CEO

My mission is to help companies how to become the best employer of the future.

Saskia Lobbes

Strategic HR Consultant

I help organizations to create a healthy and stimulating work environment. Only by truly knowing who your people are, you can facilitate them and grow together.

Remco Buil

Strategic HR Consultant

With a healthy dose of curiosity and an innovative mindset I help organisations in becoming an employer that is ready for the future.

Sandra Bakker

PA & Office Manager

I help YourConnector to become the best employer of the future.

Marian Kramer

Managing Consultant People & Culture

Out of curiosity and genuine interest in the other, I am always looking for connection and development in order to grow.

Debrah Laurey

Managing Consultant People & Culture

Enthusiastic, energetic and entrepreneurial spirit! Interested and always curious about the core of people and various cultures/behaviors.

Myrthe Bastings

Strategic HR Consultant

A powerful employer brand means finding the right nuances.

Merel Grolleman

Strategic HR Consultant

Interested in becoming the best employer of the future?